Your Bespoke suit from CHF 499.-

The bespoke suit by GenevaTailors

Chez GenevaTailors nous aimons les clients satisfaits, c’est pourquoi nos retouches sont incluses dans le prix. 

Nous réalisons votre costume sur mesure dans un délai de 4 semaines, mais nous avons également la possibilité d’effectuer une confection en express sous 2 semaines.

Let yourself be tempted and return to the magical world of custom. Make an appointment with us, it’s absolutely free and without commitment.

Why choose a custom suit?

From 499.- at the price of ready to wear, access the fabulous world of custom!
You will receive a suit or a tailor that will be designed as a unique piece, just for you, with the measurements and perfect cuts.

We offer a wide range of world-famous fabrics from around the globe with nearly 5000 different fabrics including brands such as Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Cerutti 1881, Vitale Barberis, Cavani, Tessitura Monti, etc. ..

Create a costume to your image

We choose together options according to your preferences and that resemble you, such as the style of collar (Notch lapel: Notch, Peak, Shawl Lapel), the cut and the length of jacket, the number of buttons, the type of pockets, handmade stitching, contrasts in linings, buttonholes, button type, etc …

A consultant at your service

It is important that your costume fits you like a glove. We will not only define a cut that suits you perfectly, we will also advise you to apply the shades of colors that go with your color, as well as a textile material that will be pleasant to your skin.

Jacket construction: Interlining or heat sealing

Between the fabric and the lining of the jacket are different layers that will bring the outfit, comfort and give longevity to your jacket. You have the choice between heat-sealing (80% of the jackets in the world), or the must have in a custom suit, a plastron fabric (partial or complete) in horsehair and camel hair. The latter will not only bring the outfit, comfort in the movement, but also bring longevity to your jacket.





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